Important Update:New TTS Options, Enhanced Features & More

Dear Retell Community,

We're thrilled to announce a series of updates and improvements to our platform, designed to enhance your experience and offer you more versatility and control. Here's what's new:

1️⃣ Domain changed

Please note that our domain has changed. Make sure to update your bookmarks and records to stay connected with us seamlessly.

2️⃣ New TTS provider: Deepgram

We've introduced Deepgram as our new TTS provider. Explore it on the Dashboard and discover your favorite one! The price is still $0.10/minute($6/h)

Also, we've added more voice choices from 11labs, ensuring more stable and diverse voice options for your projects.

3️⃣ New Control Parameters: Voice Temperature

Gain control over the stability and variability of your voice output, allowing for more tailored and dynamic audio experiences.

See  doc

4️⃣ New Agent ability: Back channeling

Enhance interactions with the ability for the agent to backchannel, using phrases like "yeah" and "uh-huh" to express interest and engagement during conversations.

See  doc

5️⃣ Python Backend Demo Now in FastAPI

By popular demand, our Python backend demo has transitioned to FastAPI. It includes Twilio integration and a simple function calling example, providing a more robust and user-friendly experience.

See  demo

6️⃣ New Version of Web Frontend SDK

Our updated web frontend SDK makes integration easier and improves performance, allowing you to access live transcripts directly on your web frontend.

See  SDK

7️⃣Improved Performance in Noisy Environments

Our product now offers improved performance even in noisy settings, ensuring your voice interactions remain clear and uninterrupted.

We're excited for you to experience these updates and hope they significantly enhance your projects and workflows.

As always, we value your feedback and are here to support you in leveraging these new features to their fullest potential.

Best regards,

Retell AI team 💛