//Developers love pay-as-you-go
Affordable and flexible pricing
built for voice AI
Pay as you go
$0 to start.
10 mins of free access
10 concurrent calls
Onboarding demo repository available
Discord and community support.
Detail Pricing
Conversation voice engine API
- With OpenAI / Deepgram voices ($0.08/min)
- With Elevenlabs voices ($0.10/min)
LLM Agent
- Retell LLM - GPT 3.5 ($0.02/min )
- Retell LLM - GPT 4.0 ($0.2/min )
- Custom LLM (No charge)
- Retell Twilio ($0.01/min )
- Custom Twilio (No charge)
<Try us for free>
<Try us for free>
Enterprise Plan
For companies with large volumes, data or deployment requirements, or support needs.
Includes everything from pay as you go
Discounted pricing based on volumes. (as low as $0.05 per minute)
Custom concurrent calls based on volumes
Premium private Slack channel support with dedicated support teams.
<Book a demo >
<Book a demo >

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Voice AI
Concurrent calls
Custom Voices
Multilingual Request
Opt out recording & transcription
Uptime SLAs
Community Support
Email Support
Private Slack Channel Support
Prompt Engineering Support
Onboarding Meeting
Custom Feature Request
$0.08-$0.31 /min
10 calls
5 Voices
As low as $0.05/min
scale from 50+ calls

Pricing FAQ

How do you calculate the minutes?
Each call rounds up to the nearest millisecond, and the time is accumulated. At the end of the month, we will charge you based on the total time.
If someone is not talking during the call, will you still charge the fee?
Yes, we calculate the entire length of the call because the speech-to-text module continues to operate throughout.
How can I download the invoice and add company details?
This feature is on our roadmap. For now, you can email founders@retellai.com for assistance with this issue.