About Us
By offering a truly conversational, fast, and empathetic Voice AI that can be easily configured for any industry and integrated into any product, we aim to push the boundary of user-friendliness to a new level, reaching the threshold for mainstream adoption of Voice AI.

We are at a pivotal moment in history where Voice AI will become the primary interface for accessing products and services, revolutionizing our interactions with machines for the better.

Retell AI is at the forefront of creating this new reality.
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Jack Altman
Managing Partner of Alt Capital
Aaron Levie
CEO at box
Siqi Chen
CEO at Runway
Michael Seibel
YC group partner
Peer Richelsen
CEO at Cal.com
Tyler Bosmeny
ex CEO at Clever
Rajat Suri
ex CEO at Presto
Alex Levin
CEO at Regal
Richard Aberman
ex COO at Wepay
Andrés Pérez Soderi
ex COO at Sanas
Nino Tasca
ex Director at Google
Tim Shi
CTO at Cresta
Saroop Bharwani
CEO at Senso