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Customer story
Use cases:   Voice-based User interview
Voicepanel helps businesses gather rich feedback on their products & services with unprecedented ease. Given a simple prompt, our AI will conduct hundreds of interviews and synthesize actionable insights in minutes.

It's a pleasure working with the Retell team, they're definitely on the bleeding edge of Voice Al!
Asa Schachar
CTO of Voicepanel
Use cases:   CRM+Voice AI
Brainbase is  a next-generation automation tool.

Retell is awesome! I honestly think they're the best AI voice system I've seen so far, very little latency
Gokhan Egri
CEO of Brainbase
Use cases:  AI companion
CallStar.AI is a platform that you could talk to any character that you like.
Working with Retell AI has been incredible! Your latency is absolutely top-notch and you're always super fast to respond.

Let's get the voice revolution started!
Deniz Sert
CEO at ChatPdf
Use cases:   English learning APP
Fluently is an app that helps non-native professionals improve their English with instant feedback after each Zoom call. Imagine having a personal coach, always listening and providing tips.
Retell is awesome! I honestly think they're the best AI voice system I've seen so far, very little latency
Yurii Rebryk
CEO of Fluently
Use cases: AI  Recruiting Assistant
Avvy-anna is an AI Recruiting Assistant by Avvy Tech, our AI recruiting assistant that will send you pre-vetted, ready to hire developers to your inbox in less than 3 minutes!
"Retell AI has been crucial in our product's development, saving us hundreds of development hours. Their amazing customer support has been always reliable, always ready to assist us. It's not just a superior product but an outstanding team behind it that truly makes a difference."
Elith Palomino
CTO at Avvy
Use cases:  Live one-on-one video AI instructorant
Permian AI is a one-on-one video AI instructor platform designed to revolutionize learning and training. It offers interactive, AI-generated video content that adapts in real-time to the learner's goals, personality, and knowledge level.  Key features include real-time content adaptation, including voice and slides, tailored to enhance engagement and improve information retention.
"We loved working with Retell AI's team. We found Retell's API stable which is crucial for maintaining reliability in real-time applications. The team is highly responsive, receptive to feedback and new feature requests.  The team also offers tailored assistance for any customization of their voice solution."
CTO at Permian AI
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