Introduce Our Latest Feature: Function Calling

Introduce Our Latest Feature:

Function Calling

Dear Retell Community,

We're excited to share a groundbreaking update that's set to transform how you interact with our platform - the launch of our newest feature: Function Calling.

Have you ever wished your agents could access real-time data, like the current time or weather updates? Or effortlessly connect with your server to schedule appointments or set up meetings? With Function Calling, these capabilities are now at your fingertips.

Seamless Integration in Two Simple Steps:
Implementing Function Calling is straightforward and user-friendly:

1. Endpoint Setup: Create an endpoint to handle function calls. This API is your tool to perform a multitude of actions - from retrieving up-to-the-minute data to seamless server communication.

2. Function Definition in Your Agent: Integrate this Post API into your agent setup, unlocking a whole new world of interactivity and responsiveness. Your agents are now more dynamic, intelligent, and adaptable than ever.

To ensure you benefit from this feature and other improvements, please update your Python SDK to version 1.0.0 or your node.js SDK to version 2.2.4.

For a detailed understanding of how Function Calling can revolutionize your experience with Retell, we encourage you to delve into our comprehensive documentation.

See Documentation

Thank you for your continued support. We are eager to hear your feedback and experiences with this new feature.

Warm regards,
Team Retell AI